The Student-delegation of Asia Euro University Pays a Study Visit to Singapore

In response to the study-tour invitation extended by the Institute of Technical Education of Singapore, Mr. Chhoeung Savorn, Vice-rector of Asia Euro University; Mr. Bou Chhun, Head of Information Technology; and Mr. Khan Sokha, Head of Computer and Science led AEU's student-delegation, totally 12, to take study tour to Singapore.

After arriving at Phnom Penh International Airport in the evening of October 18th, 2013, Mr. Chhoeung Savorn, Chief of the delegation, said that the students of Computer Science and Hotel and Tourism Management, totally 8, and 1 lecturer of tourism were selected to pay a oneweek -study visit to Singapore. The study tour began from October 12th to October 18th, 2013. In addition, he said that our student-delegation absorbed a lot of knowledge and experience from Singaporean education system; in particular, Computer Design, Mobile Application, VoIP, Cloud Computing, Electricity, Electronic, Film Making, Video Design, Lab Management, Computer Management, Hotel Management, Hotel Management, Cooking Skill, and Hospitality. Besides paying a study visit to the Institute of Technical Education of Singapore, AEU student-delegation was invited to visit other companies and technically trained with famous companies such as EMC and IExperience at iDA. Those companies have a lot of branches in Singapore. Furthermore, the student-delegation was invited to visit potential tourist sites of Singapore.

Mr. Chhoeung Savorn said that Asia Euro  University is proud of taking study tour to Singapore. He had a meeting with Management Board of the Institution of Technology Education; in particular, with Ms Denise Tan, Director of Hospitality, in order to discuss the study exchange of hospitality between both countries. As a result, after the meeting, Ms Danise Tan agreed on the study exchange of tourism. This agreement will be officially launched until the new building (Golden Building with 15 storeys) of Asia Euro University will have been constructed in 2014. The new building consists of thevariety of lab rooms of tourism and restaurant section for doing practicum. Under directing by H.E Doung Leang, Rector of Asia Euro University, and other management board, Asia Euro University has developed itself and grown dramatically. One more thing is that Asia Euro University has been collaborating with other countries as its own partners in order to provide and promote AEU's students with good opportunities to absorb certain knowledge and qualify good performance.

Miss. Chea Puthearith, the representative of AEU's students expressed her own interests and joy of the study tour and raised some benefits of her study tour to Singapore. The study tour is just the capital of further study encouragement because we have good opportunities to see the developments of the country, Singapore. Therefore, it is the force to push and encourage us to further learn and search in order to become qualified human resources who enable to develop country. Most importantly, both knowledge and experience we absorbed will share to other AEE's students. Also, Miss. Chea Puthearith suggested that all students should work hard on their own major upgrade communicative languages due to ASEAN integration in 2015 and job market competition.

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