Asia Euro University Awarded a Doctoral Degree to Mr. Hong Chinhouy, a Brilliant Businessman from China

The afternoon of the 5th of July, 2013, became a signiƒOcant moment for Asia Euro University: Mr. Hong Chinhouy, a brilliant businessman from China, was awarded with a Doctoral Degree on economics.

H.E. Doung Leang, Rector of Asia Euro University, said that the doctoral degree is the highest degree awarded by Asia Euro University (AEU), for national and international students indistinctly, who reached excellence in education and succeed in their own professional career, especially the ones who are expected use their leadership for the development of social works, economics, culture and  sciences and, in short, provide a great deal of advantages to mankind and to the Kingdom of Cambodia, with an original piece of masterwork. He added that this degree does not come from an inexperienced organization, which means that there is a committee specialist in the field of research that evaluates the candidate's characteristics in detail.

H.E Kiev Thakvika, who is the chairman of the committee of recruitment and awarder of doctoral degrees, and he is also the Chairman of Doctoral Science Council Administration of Asia Euro University (AEU). Before Mr. Hong Chinhouy was awarded with  the doctoral degree, the Committee examined carefully the competences and experiences in leadership, vocational training and managing, and other fields related to his field that have also been considered by several other doctoral academies, as well as by many other professors and scholars. Honoree Hong Chinhouy has been  managing and administrating many different positions, such as:

  1. Managing Director of Lucky Star Group of Tourism Company (Macau)
  2. Managing Director of Lucky Star Group of Immovable Property Company (Hong Kong)
  3. Managing Director of Grown Investment Company Limited (British Empire)
  4. Chairman and Coordinator of Macau Casino and Entertainment Association
  5. Chairman of Golf Association for Developing Stability, Friendship, and Coastal Region
  6. Honorary Chairman of Australian Goal Association

Mr. Hong Chinhouy mentioned the victory that the adults aged 20 to 25 are achieving, and like the Chinese Proverb says "if we have our own chance to get our knowledge but we do not want to learn it, we will be unsuccessful at the end." Therefore, we should value the opportunities we are given by doing our best efforts and being determinant in order to pursue the desired knowledge and understanding of new cultures.

Furthermore, he claimed that "I would like to ask you whether you think you have your own ambition or not?" What sort of jobs would you prefer to get? What sort of organizations do you think the country need in order to serve the civil society? I strongly believe that all of you have your own ambitions and it does not matter whether your ambition is too big or too small. But how can you achieve your ambitions? The knowledge we gain is the fastest and most accurate strategy. Some people are wondering how some people succeeded in their lives without any formal education or any high degrees, yet they can gradually ƒOnd their place within  the society. I would say that those people, of course, tried their best to apply their knowledge coming from books or their own experience throughout life. After achieving their own goals, they eventually try their best to reach their destination.

Lastly, he addressed to all faculty students, encouraging them to make an effort to fulfill their tasks, such as:

  1. They have to solve problems within real situations.
  2. They should look and think further.
  3. They look ahead without giving up and being scared by the obstacles, keeping in mind that victory is usually hard and exhausting to get.

As a result, we must be smart, ambitious, motivated, and brilliant people, coordinated with the circumstances. We must be capable to deal with any situation; we must be optimistic and responsible.

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