The Foundation-Year Students of Asia Euro University Have Visited Senate

On June 25, 130 foundation-year students of all majors from Asia Euro University, presided over by Mr. Suos Sophea, head of foundation-year department, had spent for a half day to visit Senate premise of the Kingdom of Cambodia, located in Khan Chamkar Mon, Phnom Penh.

The objective of the study visit had been made to deem students the understanding of the history, mission, organizational chart, roles and duties, legislation and some other major achievements, which this institution has implemented so far.

Mr. Suos Sophea said that Asia Euro University annually preside students to make study visits in some other ministries and institutions in order to link their study to practical application in order to grant them new experience and knowledge.

Mr. Men Siphann, vice chairman of the 9th Senate Committee, said that the Assembly in Cambodia was established since 1947, with two chambers: the National Assembly and Senate. But by the time it was established, it was not labeled Senate but the Council of the Kingdom of Cambodia. From 1975 to 1999, during the Khmer Rouge period and after its regime, the People's Republic of Kampuchea, and the State of Cambodia, Senate had not been established; there was only the National Assembly. Since 1999, Cambodia has re-established its Senate. So far, the total number of senators has reached 61 equal to a half of national assembly’s members.

He continued that Senate is an institution that reviews the laws passed by National Assembly and recommend constructive editions to them as well as initiate the law proposals. The main role of Senate is to review all laws passed by National Assembly. The National Assembly cannot directly submit the laws passed by it to the King to sign and affix stamp print to formally promulgate and function those without being reviewed by Senate.  

Mr. Sok Sotcheat, director of the Senate Law Research Department, also gave students presentations on the Legislative Procedure of the Senate, the process of drafting legislation and cordially responding to questions raised by students. He emphasized that the Senate had fulfilled plenty of functions within its framework, but the three main functions are legislation, review and citizen representatives. Following that, AEU students visited some other major working premises of the Senate such as meeting hall, permanent meeting lounge, and library, etc.  

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