Cisco Networking Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy Program

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Networking Academy students worldwide gain the skills needed to build, design, and maintain computer networks; improving their career prospects while filling the global demand for networking professionals. With 9,000 academies in 170 countries, Networking Academy helps individuals prepare for industry-recognized certifications and entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) careers in virtually every type of industry. Students develop foundational skills in ICT while acquiring vital 21st-century career skills in problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.


Global Challenge

The rapid growth of networks has created a global shortage of people who are qualified to implement and maintain networking solutions, especially in places where networks are being built to promote economic development. At the same time, people need access to better training and career opportunities to successfully compete in the global economy. Networking Academy helps address the growing demand for ICT professionals while improving career prospects in communities around the world.

A recent study conducted by IDC shows that in Latin America the information and communication technology skills gap will continue to be a challenge for the economic development of the countries in the coming years. Learn more.


Program Delivery

Networking Academy delivers a comprehensive, 21st century learning experience to help students develop the foundational ICT skills needed to design, build, and manage networks, along with career skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking. Students complete hands-on learning activities and network simulations to develop practical skills that will help them fill a growing need for networking professionals around the world.


Globalrtne Parships

Networking Academy uses a public-private partnership model to create the "world's largest classroom." Cisco partners with educational institutions, nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations, and community centers that provide classroom space, computer lab equipment, and qualified instructors. Cisco provides online curricula, virtual learning tools, instructional support, teacher training, and professional development opportunities for instructors.

Networking Academy helps students prepare for entry-level ICT jobs, additional training or education, and globally recognized certifications by equipping them with the skills needed to maintain networks that form the backbone of the global economy.


More Than A Million Students Worldwide


The Learning Model

Networking Academy courses are offered in multiple languages through a blended learning model that combines classroom instruction with online curricula, interactive tools, hands-on activities, and online assessments that provide immediate feedback.

This model uses several innovative technologies:

Cisco Packet Tracer: a powerful visualization and simulation tool that allows users to design, build, troubleshoot, and experiment with virtual networks. Students and instructors use Packet Tracer to explore complex technical concepts and networking system designs in a safe, virtual environment.

Cisco Passport21 to Entrepreneurship: a series of case studies, simulations, and interactive tools designed to help students develop critical business and financial skills.

Cisco Aspire: an educational game in an engaging virtual environment that allows students to solve business and technical challenges as they complete projects for clients.

Online Assessments: quizzes throughout the curricula provide immediate, interactive, personal feedback to students.

Social Media Tools: resources like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the NetAcad Instructor Community site connect students and instructors around the world to encourage collaboration and learning outside the classroom.



Networking Academy has trained more than 5 million students to date. Many graduates have gone on to successful ICT careers in a variety of industries, while others have harnessed the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge they acquired in Networking Academy to start their own businesses and create new jobs.

Established in 1997, Networking Academy is Cisco's largest and longest-running Corporate Social Responsibility program.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to operate in ways that respect and ultimately benefit people, communities, and the planet we live on, we call this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our core CSR philosophy is that impact multiplies whenever human and technology networks combine to solve a problem.

This is why we approach CSR the same way we approach business:  by applying our technology, employee expertise, and partnerships. We are focused on four primary goals: improving the well-being of people and communities around the world, reducing our environmental impact and helping our customers do the same, conducting our business ethically, and creating a workplace where our employees thrive.

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