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Asia Euro University Corporate Information


Asia Euro University (A.E.U) is a private University in the Kingdom of Cambodia. It was established to complement the government in providing higher learning to a growing number of qualified people eager to advance their knowledge.

Under the government policy of developing human resources of higher education, in 2005 Asia Euro University (AEU) under sub-decree No.០៥អនក្របក dated January 19, 2005, signed by Samdach Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the Cambodian Royal Government. Now AEU can offer Diploma, Bachelor, Master, and Doctor degrees.

So far, AEU has played an incredibly significant role and attracted high school students, and government and non-government officers to enroll. Furthermore, AEU has trained more than thousands of students that most of whom have worked for government and non-government organizations, industries, manufacturers, and other private companies.

Currently, the university is making incredibly significant improvements to its types of equipment, both in qualitative and quantitative terms. Such improvements are made to properly support the implementation of its new curriculum. Its main objectives are to empower the school's clients, the students, with the practical know-how indispensable for problem-solving/critical thinking and hence to be accepted in job positions in private companies.


Providing skills and language training at all levels to develop better equality, capacity, and effectiveness in the education and business sector in response to the need for local and global growth


To ensure quality and effective education, the AEU's mission is:

  1. To provide high-quality education and promote research, cooperation, and technological development to join the Royal Government in developing human resources in the Kingdom of Cambodia; and
  2. To develop research-based curricula to serve the interest of competitiveness in the regional and global markets.


The AEU aims to do whatsoever to equip students from all quarters with high knowledge, self-confidence, and academic capacity to better their livelihood in the future, particularly by providing them high-quality training services on the basis of pedagogy and research.


Quality             Integrity           Opportunity


The Best Choice for Job Opportunity


Advancement of Education

Economic Price

Uplift Your Career

Strategic Directions

We focus on six strategic directions for five years as follows:

  1. To ensure access to equal education services
  2. To promote quality and effective education services
  3. To promote research and publication and linkage between theories and practices
  4. To support institutional and capacity development for education officers in the context of decentralization
  5. To strengthen relations inside and outside the country
  6. To enhance physical infrastructure and financial management

Meaning of AEU Logo

  1. The Golden Glitter represents prosperity.
  2. The Golden Naga represents a mighty creature that helps bolster and foster the AEU's greater strength.
  3. The Blue Cap, Book, and Certificate represent a diverse range of theories and documents for training students of all academic levels, enabling them to complete their studies with high quality, efficiency, and values.
  4. The Mild Blue, on the surface of the entire logo, symbolizes warmth favored by everyone, implying that the AEU is acting or doing everything to win customers' confidence and trust.

The Logo generally illustrates a higher education institution that is committed to providing high-quality education in line with national and international standards.


#826, kammpuch Krum Blvd Teuk Laak I, Khan Toul Kok, Phnom Penh-Kingdom of Cambodia, Postal Code: 12156
Phone:089 292 168 / 098 292 168 / 090 292 168
Telegram: 089 292 168 (@AEUReceptionist) /
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