Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature

Four-Year Undergraduate Program


Course Description

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature at AEU is designed to acquaint students with comprehensive systematic Chinese language knowledge, master skilled Chinese communicative competence, and promote aestheticism to Chinese culture. This is a four-year undergraduate program, covering eight semesters. In Foundation Year or first year, students are required to go through general Chinese language programs in order to acquire advanced level language proficiency, and some other basic skills such as social studies, office application and public administration that are necessary for their work. In the second and third year, students are supposed to learn some basic language courses, such as comprehensive Chinese, listening, speaking, reading and writing courses. This gives students opportunities to acquire basic Chinese language knowledge and competence through learning Chinese culture, Chinese history, Chinese literature, and so on. In addition, in the fourth year students are required to focus on teaching methodology, teaching psychology, and teaching Chinese as a second language, prior to their teaching practicum.


Aims and Objectives

The course aims:

  • To acquaint students with basic knowledge of Chinese language and certain professional theory;
  • To provide students with and basic Chinese humanities knowledge;
  • To prepare students to be familiar with Chinese national conditions and cultural context;
  • To enable students to use Chinese language;
  • To adapt to the demand of modern international society.

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