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The field of international relations (IR) has been exponentially gaining importance, not only in Cambodia and Southeast Asia – boosted by ASEAN integration in 2015 – but also globally, as the need of understanding better how and why states interact has become highly necessary. The importance IR is given by several global factors that, in minor or major degree, have an impact over Southeast Asia and Cambodia: globalization, interdependence, flow of capital, labour, human rights or democratization, to name a few. Most of such issues are global issues; therefore they cannot be independently treated. The need of producing quality human capital able to understand such interactions among states remains crucial; behind each single field within IR, the aim is to bring development and make every country relevant in the ongoing phenomena of regionalism and globalization. This remains crucial for Cambodia; ASEAN is one of the world’s biggest regional blocs with newly industrialized economies that have become consolidated world economies, such as Singapore, plus another number of developing countries in a process of expanding their economy. Altogether, it will make ASEAN a key regional player in the near future.  


Course Description

The major in International Relations introduces students to the complex and fascinating world of politics and provides them with essential tools for understanding and analyzing it. In an increasingly interdependent world of nations and international organizations, such understanding is important for a variety of internationally oriented careers, inside and outside the world, as well as for its own sake as part of a liberal arts education. Rather than constructing a major that offers vague introductions to many different aspects of world affairs, this major draws fully on the Political Science Department's analytical tradition of undergraduate education. Students will gain great breadth in their understanding of world affairs, but with analytical rigor and depth.



The B.A in IR is designed to fulfil the following objectives:

-       Producing quality human capital able to get specialized in any field within IR.

-       Providing top quality education in a broad span of courses.

-       Providing specific knowledge on each course in order to give the necessary tools to further the

        studies after graduation.

-       Enhancing English language knowledge of the students.

-       Promoting critical thinking skills.

-       Introducing the students to research methods.

-       Personalized education: lectures are structured to meet the requirements of the student

        therefore maximizing their learning outcomes.


Program duration and specifications

-       The B.A in IR lasts four academic years on a full-time basis; each academic year is divided into  

         two semesters of fifteen weeks each. Each course weights 3 credits (45 hours/semester) or 4.5

         credits (67.5 hours/semester).

-       Evaluation will take place at the end of each semester.

-       The total number of credits is 120.

-       The full program is taught in English language.


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