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Political and economic problems today transcend international boundaries. Asia Euro University's International Relations and Bachelor/Associate program equips students with the expertise they need in order to pursue a life in government, business and journalism and at international organizations and law firms, or to continue graduate studies in political science and international relations.


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Library is a good place for giving acknowledgement to all people, especially students in Asia Euro University. So, as I am librarian.

  • We must to support student and faculty members with their research.

  • We always serve the broader community and the public.

  • We provide library and research orientation programs for Foundation Year students, Moreover, we need all subject books from Year I to Year 4 for keeping in  library, especially we need a lot of Khmer book to help student for researching in library. 



The library was opened on December, 26, 2002. First, our library as Asia Euro Organization, it was a small place and don’t have enough books for students making research, but now it became Asia Euro University library, we have modern library and big building. There were many books, Computers and enough equipment in here.



The library currently has approximately 15,370 books, roughly 70% of which are in English, 20% in Khmer, 10% in Chinese, French, Thai. There are an extensive reference collection, a reserve collection and a loans collection. The library has amassed 350 serial titles, including 20 regular titles as well as a small video, audio cassette and CD-ROM collection.

The Asia Euro University library is developing a special reference collection, the Cambodiana collection, which currently houses 9 items relating to Cambodian history, literature and culture, general management, business of marketing, business of law, business of IT, Business of Economic, Business of Accounting, English literature and general of bulletin to relate with situation in Cambodia.

Library provides Internet and email access for a small fee. There is a photocopy service and an air-conditioned room with audio-visual facilities available on request for educational purposes.      

Our library got many books from donator by Euro University, Asia Foundation book, Pannasatra University, UNFPA, International Finance Corporation, student in Asia Euro, lecture and other document from government.



Our library joined membership with Cam-elFL (Member of library association)



Technology was developing one day from one day, all people have to demand higher knowledge and education from school, so our library has Asia Euro University’s website, it’s easy for students find the title of books, and they can download resource of book for helping with their study.


Future Plans

In the future, Asia Euro library will be to develop and become quality library Such as:

  • Prepare library follow ACC’s standard

  • To develop the technical knowledge of staff librarians

  • To find support for the continued development of the library

  • To continue of improve services for students and other



(The number in brackets indicates the year the staff member began teaching at AEU)



Miss. Keo Savy (2004): B.A (English Literature), AEU, 2007.

Miss. Kry Vouchkea (2010): B.A (Banking and Finace), AEU, 2010.

Mr. Sous Samoeun (2012): B.A (Banking and Finance), Year 3, AEU, 2014. 



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