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Guidelines for Judging

Public Speaking Contest


There are three basic categories on the Public Speaking Contest Judge's grading sheet. The following is an explanation of each: content, delivery and language.


  1. Contentis what gives substance, meaning and purpose to a speaker's message. Please consider these areas while judging:
  • Development- Does the speech have an opening, body and conclusion? Is the speech organized so that the speaker's ideas are clear and easy to follow?


  • Effectiveness - What is the purpose for the speech? Does the speaker accomplish this purpose? Did the speaker consider the audience and occasion when preparing the speech? How does the audience react to the speech?


  • Value- Does the speaker's message have substance and logic? Are the thoughts original? Does the message stimulate the listener's thinking and growth?


  1. Deliveryrefers to the mechanics of presenting the message and includes the following:
  • Appearance- Is the speaker properly attired? Do clothing and accessories add to the speaker's effectiveness?
  • Body Language- Does the speaker stand alert? Do gestures, eye control and movements compliment words and messages?


  • Voice- Is the speaker's voice pleasing? Are the words spoken clearly and at an adequate volume? Do rate and pitch vary? Does the speaker's voice show feelings, emotion and enthusiasm?


  1. Languageis the speaker's word choice and grammatical skill. These are things to look for:
  • Appropriateness- Do the speaker's words fit the occasion and the audience? Do they provide understanding of his message?


  • Correctness- Does the speaker use correct grammar, correct pronunciation and good enunciation? Is the speaker master of the words chosen to convey message?


NOTE: In grading Language, judges should take into consideration whether or not the competitor is delivering the speech in his/her native language or not. In the case of competitors who are not using their native language, judges are encouraged to be more generous with Language grading points.








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