Course Description

Subject Description


Year 1, Semester 1


FY101 Public Administration

Public Administration is an academic discipline that studies the implementation of government policy and prepares civil servants for working in the public service. Its fundamental goal is to advance management and policies so that government can function. The subject also focuses on the management of public programs, and the translation of politics into the reality that citizens see every day. In other words, Public Administration is centrally concerned with the organization of government policies and programmes as well as the behavior of officials (usually non-elected) formally responsible for their conduct.


FY102 Office Application

Office Application is intended to introduce students to basic office applications useful for office work (i.e. Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, etc.). It is to do with a spreadsheetapplication. That is, the study involves calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. This enables graduates to use basic office applications for the sake of their work administrations.


FY103 Intensive Chinese 1

This course in the initial stage, the reading materials for foreigners in China mainly communicative situation mainly about: such as shopping, dining, and socializing. The senior stage mainly combines with common reading skills, and cultural, economic, technological materials for the topic. Intensive Chinese is divided into 20 lessons. Each lesson relates with a communicative situation which a foreigner can be met in China such as shopping, diet, making friends, etc., which is very close to the daily life and focus on the practicability of the Chinese they are learning.


FY104 Chinese Characters

This course mainly teaches the students the origin of Chinese characters, the structure and order of strokes of Chinese characters, formation of character, single character and mixed character, Chinese character component and its word family, the culture meaning of Chinese characters and so on..Let student understand the origin and development of Chinese characters, master the correct and basic writing method of Chinese characters, and learn to simply analyze the structure of Chinese characters.


FY105 Comprehensive Chinese 1

The Comprehensive Chinese is to cultivate the student’s ability of listening,speaking,reading and writing ; To grasp the Chinese words, phrases, sentence and grammar; To improve their interesting and ability through learning Chinese language knowledge and Chinese literature, the Comprehensive Chinese is aimed at improving student’s comprehensive ability of Chinese learning. The Comprehensive Chinese is a very important course in Chinese learning. This course is to cultivate the student’s comprehensive ability of Chinese. And the contents of this course include the following parts: (1) texts and new words, (2) notes, (3) drills and practices, (4) reading comprehension and paraphrasing, (5) grammar, as well as (6) Chinese characters and words.



Year 1, Semester 2


FY206 Khmer Studies

The subject concentrates on the study of Khmer civilization, traditional ways of lives, the expected behaviors, attitudes, and norms of Cambodian people of both ancient and contemporary societies. It also focuses on the history of Cambodia: civil wars and conflicts, social tendency, the development of Cambodia, and other similar matters.


FY207 Chinese Conversation

Spoken Chinese is mainly to learn the basic daily Chinese dialogues and carry out the conversation by the way of exchange and extension, which is based on the practiced conversational model. The course is To cultivate the student’s Chinese communicative ability. It aims to grasp the basic Mandarin pronunciation and Chinese Pinyin, to improve the student’s conversational ability by practicing the most common oral topics, and tocultivate student’s ability of presenting his/her intentions or describingthe basic contents of something.


FY208 Intensive Chinese 2

(See Intensive Chinese 1)


FY209 Writing Skills 1

The subject aims to strengthen the improvement of writing skills. It covers important angles of writing skills training for the Chinese learners, in order to improve the learner's language commutation ability. We hope that through Chinese written expression ability, we can improve the whole language communication ability, and as a result produce a more accurate language expression.


C118210 Comprehensive Chinese 2

(See Comprehensive Chinese 1)



Year 2, Semester 1


CC118311 Comprehensive Chinese 3  

(See Comprehensive Chinese 1)


CL118312Chinese Listening and Speaking1

This course is specifically for the second grade Chinese language learners, listening training and oral training together. It is conducive to classroom practice, the coordinated development of facilitating students to a variety of skills. The textbook has two volumes, each volume is for 10 classes, and each class contains the listening text, narrative text, dialogue spoken in a text piece. It is intended to cultivate the student’s ability of listening and speaking, to grasp the skill of listening and speaking, to improve their ability of language application through training, and to understand the Chinese culture, history, geography through learning this course.


CC118313Chinese Culture 1

The subject enables students to understand the Chinese culture through Chinese traditional history and culture activities. It creates a good learning atmosphere of Chinese culture and improves the students’ ability. It also includes general situation of China, Chinese and Chinese word, Chinese custom, scenic spot of China, Chinese science and technology, Chinese traditional art, Chinese literature and Sino-foreign cultural exchanges.


AC 118314 Ancient Chinese Literature 1

Survey history of literature and literature development of every ancient Chinese dynasty; the important writers and their works; the creation, evolution, and historical achievement of different literary styles, including the introduction and analysis of major literature classics. By learning to enable students tounderstand Chinese ancient literature achievement, history of literature and literature development; to master the method of literature appreciation and basic academic research.


CH118315 Chinese History 1       

The subject is designed to teach students Chinese histories in ancient periods, to get students to be aware of the history of China’s ancient civilization, and to enable students to understand distinguished historical figures as well as main historical events, to enable students to learn about the advanced science, technology and cultural production in ancient China, to improve students’ basic abilities in language learning. The common awareness of Chinese History is adopted in Chinese class. It begins with Primitive Society till Opium War and up to the rise of Modern China. The subject is divided into three parts: Period before the Opium War (1840), Modern Period and Contemporary Period. The first part is dynastically divided into six periods (the Pre-Qin period; the Qin and Han Dynasties; the Three Kingdoms, the Two Jin Dynasties, the Southern and Northern Dynasties; the Sui and Tang Dynasties; the Five Dynasties, the Liao, Song, Xia, Jin and Yuan Dynasties; the Ming and Qing Dynasties).The whole course is strung together with abundant interesting historical stories about different dynasties, historical events and figures in ancient and modern China.


Year 2, Semester 2


CC118416 Contemporary Chinese Literature

Take literature development as prerequisite; narrate the development history of Chinese contemporary novel creation, poetic creation, prose creation and drama creation. Choose to read and analyze the classic works. It would help students to understand the situation of Chinese contemporary literature and improve their ability of literature appreciation.


TM118417 Teaching Methodology

To teach general method and mode of language teaching is through classroom lectures and discussion. Through teaching to help students to master the basic concepts, principals, methods and mode of this course ;to let students have the basic skills of analyzing and solving education problems with teaching methods and applying teaching methods in education practice.


IC118418 Intercultural Communication

This course aims at introducing the basic theory of intercultural communication,and guiding students to solve problems through some cases. It mainly includes non-verb communication, personal values, attitude towards working and education, interpersonal relation and view on time, space, family and cultural conflicts and shocks. This would cultivate students’ awareness of intercultural communicating, and improve their ability to overcome the confusion in the communicating.


TC118419 Teaching Chinese as a Second Language 1

Teaching Chinese as the second language 1 is mainly taught through the systematic learning of Chinese phonetics,vocabulary,grammar,Chinese characters and so on. It is also taught through lots of practices, learning teaching methods, teaching skills and the problems in the practice of teaching Chinese as the second language. The subject aims to cultivate the students’ ability of teaching Chinese as a second language, to grasp the methods of teaching Chinese as a second language, and to improve their teaching ability through learning Chinese acquisition and teaching methods.


CN118420 Chinese Newspaper Reading 1

The subject involves students with reading Chinese newspaper and books that are mainly selected from various publications and translations of newspaper, films and televisions, network information both at home and abroad. The selected material, not too much constrained by domestic well-known newspapers, but strives to reflect the change of modern China and vitality, and fully considers students reading interest. The subject aims to provide students with opportunity to read newspaper in Chinese language. By reading a large number of Chinese newspapers and magazines, students master more basic words, format, as well as the method of reading newspapers. This helps students get deeper and more comprehensive understanding of China’s social politics, economy, culture, entertainment, etc.


Comprehensive Exam

This is the very final and most important exam that marks the graduation of students. It is administered at the end of the course and invigilated by the Exam Committee of AEU and invigilators from MoEYS. The content of the exam comprehensively covers important points of the whole course. To graduate the course, it is compulsory for students to pass the exam.

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