Department Structure

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Languages has the following departments:

  • Department of International Relations

    IR prepares students with knowledge and critical skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world. International Relations draws from a variety of disciplines and methods to study global issues and the interactions of governments, global institutions, and social movements worldwide. An International Relations degree provides a great advantage for a successful career in a world that is more globalized every day. International Relations is a versatile field of study amenable to your subject or area of interest.

  • Department of English Language

    Welcome to the Department of English! Our award-winning faculty teaches the most popular undergraduate humanities major at UC Davis, and our graduate program includes a Ph.D. in literature and an M.A. with an emphasis on Creative Writing.We offer a wide range of courses -- small and large, introductory and advanced, undergraduate and graduate -- all of which focus on the pleasures and challenges of reading, interpretation, and writing across history, across the globe, and across visual, electronic, and print media. Ranging from epic to film, graphic novels to sound poetry, our courses expand and deepen our students' understanding of what counts as "English literature."

  • Department of Chinese Language

    Why major in Chinese? China is the world's second largest economy, Chinese is the most spoken language on our planet, and Chinese civilization ranks as one of history's oldest, continuous, richly complex cultures. Students often combine a Chinese major with a specialization in other fields, such as engineering, economics, biology, international relations, English, psychology, and history. Majoring in Chinese will enable students to find enhanced opportunities in business, law, and governmental careers. The Chinese major comprises three parts: language, literature, and linguistics. The language component offers up to five years of instruction from top-flight teachers versed in modern language pedagogy. Students go from learning the four tones of Mandarin pronunciation all the way to reading and writing formal contemporary prose. In the literature and linguistics sections, students take from internationally-renowned faculty a range of courses that examine traditional and modern narrative, poetry, film, and drama, as well as receive a rigorous grounding in the structure and history of the language itself. Students may also take electives in the art history, anthropology, history, and Chinese Language departments.







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