Department Structure

Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism has the following departments:

  • Department of Economics

    The Department of Economics provides inquisitive and capable students with excellent academic programs in the field of economics that prepare graduates for rewarding careers in business, government, or nonprofits.  The curriculum of each program also develops each student’s capacity for lifelong learning in order for them to achieve career advancement and to adapt effectively to our rapidly changing world.

    In this website, you can learn about our programs, faculty, students, and alumni.  We also post updates on departmental activities and other information about our department here.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have by clicking on the Contact tab above.

    Economics is the study of how resources are used and how to make the best use of available resources.  Economics students learn to make decisions that are vital to the success of businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, households, and for society as a whole.  By using information on costs, income, available resources, and other important factors, economics graduates can (among many other things):

    • choose the production level, price, and mix of resources that will achieve the highest profit for a business

    • determine the highest impact use of a nonprofit’s resources

    • assist governments in finding the most effective way to satisfy public needs

    • help a family determine the best use of their budget

    • judge proposed solutions for important social problems

    By providing a logical and ordered way of looking at problems and issues faced by businesses, other organizations, or society as a whole, the field of economics helps students develop critical thinking skills that are useful in many professions.  Studying economics prepares students for a wider array of occupations than other majors.  This versatility is highly valued in today’s constantly changing world and is demonstrated by our graduates’ ability to pursue careers in the career fields of economics, finance, government, management, and marketing, among others.  Click on the Career Opportunities tab above to see lists that illustrate the extensive range of both employers and occupations in which our department’s graduates have recently been placed.

  • Department of Eco-Business

  • Department of Social Science

    Traditionally, the social sciences are understood to be those academic fields of study that employ a scientific method to explore social phenomenon. Social Science at York breaks from this narrow tradition to provide students with a progressive, innovative and truly interdisciplinary learning environment.

    The Department of Social Science is part of the larger Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and is currently home to 11 distinctive interdisciplinary degree programs as well as a generalist degree in Social Science. In line with the general mandate of York University, the Department of Social Science is strongly orientated, both in teaching and research, toward issues of social justice and sustainability.

    All programs offered through the Department of Social Science reflect a sustained dedication to critical, interdisciplinary approaches to the study of social relations, social structures, social identities and social phenomena. That is to say, our courses and programs ground their analysis of social practices and relations in and across a range of disciplines and fields of study.





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