Admin & Personnel

Duty of Administrative Office and Staff

    • Beign Responsible for overall task concerned administrative task and staff
    • Communicating and solving various problems with outer institution
    • Preparing and Keeping doucment in order and managing internal administrative letters in and out
    • Preparing and governing security, environment, hygiene, water, electricity, overall equipment and various task concerned
    • Agreeing to propagte the news of plan and various regulation to all staff or concerned office
    • Governing and preparing every program such as meeting, conference, seminar, practicum...
    • Preparing trimester report, semester and annual report


    • Finace management
    • Planning annual finance
    • Maintaining and spending on teaching administrative and staff
    • Managing late expenditure on staff
    • Managing student's scholarship
    • Managing and maintaining building's price
    • Managing current asset and fix asset
    • Attending every meeting to listen to various proposal
    • Attending every activity of University

Security and Order

    • Controlling target and shift limited
    • Inquiring, investigating and reporting every activity included atmospheric matter, water, electricity, other instrument
    • Preparing and reporting daily activities
    • Investigating and controlling the people who are on duty
    • Taking care of assigned work
    • Preparing and controlling ticket for the means of the lectures, staff and students' trip
    • Taking action, controlling and strengthening security internal discipline strongly
    • Preparing parking with good order
    • Taking action in order to obstruct risk
    • Attending every activity of the University

Environment and Hygienic Section

    • Following designation, advice and plans
    • Taking care of sweeping every official instrument and study room
    • Guaranteeing to have good hygiene everywhere in the campus
    • Attending every activity of the University

Immovable Asset

    • Controlling every instrument which is used
    • Maintaining and fixing every instrument which is used including the instrument in the warehouse
    • Reporting the instrument which is consuming and demanding to guaranteeing the effect of use accounting office
    • Attending every activity of the University

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